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        Legal Industry

        Protect Your Firm—and Your Clients

        Protect Confidentiality While Boosting Productivity

        Data security attacks on law firms are on the rise. Secure communication and collaboration are essential to protecting your information, as well as your clients' confidential data.

        BlackBerry? is a leader in secure communications, and provides mobile security solutions for the world’s top 10 law firms1. When security is your highest priority, BlackBerry is your only choice.

        Is Client Safe Created with Sketch.

        Is Your Client Data Safe?

        Your clients need to know they can trust you with their most confidential information.

        • Litigation data
        • Sensitive employee records
        • Proprietary product information
        • Merger and acquisition documents
        Is Team Empowered Created with Sketch.

        Is Your Team Empowered?

        Your firm’s reputation could be at stake if you don’t empower your attorneys with secure mobile tools.

        • Flexibility to work securely offsite
        • Mobilized business processes such as time logging, transcribing and billing
        • Seamless user experience when accessing business files? ??

        Featured Resources

        Legal Practice in a Hyper-connected World

        Digital transformation is changing the security and privacy requirements of clients entrusting sensitive data to law firms. Download this ebook for actionable insight into the ways today's digitally ambitious legal practice can adapt.

        Download The eBook

        IDG Study - Getting Around User Workarounds: Security to Account for Human Nature

        Legal firms are becoming increasingly vulnerable, as well-intended employees are more often using workarounds. Read this report for findings on workarounds and actions that will help law firms to thrive in today’s digital world.

        Download Study

        Boost Productivity While Securing Your Firm— and Your Clients

        Attorneys benefit from the latest in device technologies to get work done, and law firms protect the confidentiality and integrity of sensitive data. View this video to see how BlackBerry and iManage are partnering to give attorneys secure access to information on-the-go.

        Watch Video
        BlackBerryUEM Created with Sketch.

        Secure Your Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones

        BlackBerry? Unified Endpoint Manager (BlackBerry? UEM) is designed to protect an expanding set of applications, devices and endpoints across your firm.? IT teams can consolidate multiple solutions on a single, secure platform and manage the global deployment of mobile endpoints.? ??

        Learn about BlackBerry UEM
        Secure Your Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones
        Secure Your Email, Intranets and Custom Apps
        Secure Your Email, Intranets and Custom Apps 2 Created with Sketch.
        Secure Your Email, Intranets and Custom Apps 1 Created with Sketch.

        Secure Your Email, Intranets and Custom Apps

        BlackBerry software provides security for email and intranet access, as well as partner and custom applications, to protect you and your clients from hacks or interception. A flexible containment approach offers a choice between native and container experience based on user preferences and role.? ??

        BlackBerry Workspaces Created with Sketch.

        Share iManage Repositories & Other Files Securely

        BlackBerry? Workspaces provides end-to-end encrypted file sharing across computers and mobile devices. Lawyers can easily share an iManage repository with clients or opposing counsel, with audit trails and the ability to revoke access at any time.? ??

        Learn about BlackBerry Workspaces
        Share iManage Repositories & Other Files Securely
        Enable Fast, Accurate Communication in a Crisis
        Enable Fast, Accurate Communication 1 Created with Sketch.

        Enable Fast, Accurate Communication in a Crisis

        BlackBerry? AtHoc? networked crisis communication unifies critical communications within and between organizations, their people, devices, and external entities. It enables your organization’s leaders to make informed and timely decisions to protect your people and community.? ??

        Learn about BlackBerry AtHoc
        BlackBerryEnterpriseBridge Created with Sketch.

        Allow Secure Mobile Access to Native Microsoft Apps

        BlackBerry? Enterprise BRIDGE provides a highly secure option for seamlessly using native Microsoft? mobile apps including Microsoft? PowerPoint?, Word and Excel? from apps secured with BlackBerry? Dynamics such as iManage and BlackBerry? Work.? ??

        Learn about BlackBerry Enterprise BRIDGE
        Allow Secure Mobile Access to Native Microsoft Apps
        Mitigate Cybersecurity Threats

        Mitigate Cybersecurity Threats

        BlackBerry offers solutions to identify and mitigate cybersecurity threats with consulting services and tools tailored to your needs. Services include mobility diagnostics, penetration testing, forensic services and IT security training.

        Success Stories

        If you are involved in technology and security, it’s really a comfort factor knowing that the BlackBerry platform is tried and tested. BlackBerry’s approach to Android is the most secure on the market.

        Damien Behan

        IT Director Brodies LLP

        We have our own internal security requirements that mean native email on a phone just wouldn’t cut it. It had to be something more, something containerised, something we can

        control and remove if the need arose. BlackBerry gave us that – and the security their app provides cannot be replicated anywhere else.

        Darren Broughton

        Head of IT BLM LLP

        The thing we found was that Android Enterprise paired with BlackBerry UEM gave us exactly what we were looking for – it was the best, most secure version of the COPE model at the time we chose to deploy it...

        Lizzie Ludnow

        Mobility Specialist Howard Kennedy

        We always take a security-first approach to what we implement on the technology side of things. Thanks to BlackBerry and Android for Work, we’re able to maintain functionality without abandoning our stance on security...

        Richard Elson

        Director of Information Services, Trowers & Hamlins

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