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        BlackBerry Dynamics Apps

        Productivity on the Go

        Give your employees the freedom to work from any personal device, while protecting corporate and user data with industry-leading containerization.??

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        A Full Suite of Mobile Apps

        BlackBerry? Dynamics offers a comprehensive collection of secure apps to boost productivity, while safeguarding valuable corporate intellectual property.

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        BlackBerry Work

        Enterprise email, calendar, contacts, presence and more

        Complete any business workflow on the move, with secure mobile access to enterprise content.

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        BlackBerry Access

        Secure mobile browser for web apps and intranets?

        BlackBerry? Access gives your entire organization secure mobile access to your corporate intranet.?

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        BlackBerry Connect

        Secure instant messaging and collaboration?

        BlackBerry? Connect offers an intuitive interface for instant messaging, presence, file share and document editing on your choice of mobile device.

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        BlackBerry Edit

        All-in-one enterprise document solution

        Securely create and edit documents on the go to take care of your editing needs anytime, anywhere — even when offline with BlackBerry? Edit.

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        BlackBerry Notes

        Secure enterprise note-taking solution

        Securely manage notes across mobile devices to stay on top of business workflows.

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        BlackBerry Tasks

        Secure, synchronized task management

        Use BlackBerry? Tasks to stay on top of daily responsibilities and get tasks done efficiently and securely while away from the desktop.?

        Build Better Apps, More Securely

        Any app built using the BlackBerry Dynamics SDK automatically conforms to existing security baselines.?

        Learn about the BlackBerry Dynamics platform

        Success Stories

        BlackBerry software has simplified communication with our staff, improved patient safety by providing visibility into when and where our staff are providing service, and has enabled a heightened level of productivity into our operations.

        Drew Wesley, CIO,

        VHA Home HealthCare

        BlackBerry’s great advantage is that its performance spectrum can be consistently expanded to adapt to our most current requirements any time.

        We have our own internal security requirements that mean native email on a phone just wouldn’t cut it. It had to be something more, something containerised, something we can control and remove if the need arose. BlackBerry gave us that – and the security their app provides cannot be replicated anywhere else.

        Darren Broughton, Head of IT,

        BLM LLP

        The future – and the imagination of the future – is really endless. We just need to make sure we work with our partners at BlackBerry to ensure that it’s safe, secure, and remains the highest encrypted network that we have.

        Bryan M. Larkin, Chief of Police,

        Waterloo Regional Police Service

        In spite of the regulatory demands we face, we’re very comfortable with mobile app usage,” says de Blok. “We use the BlackBerry container, so we know our apps are secure.

        Alexander de Blok, Head of Systems and Application Management,



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        Find the Perfect Package for You

        Choose the BlackBerry Secure UEM & Productivity Suite?that Meets Your Needs

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        Choice Suite

        Boost productivity and reduce cost with secure access to key business tools and analytics.

        Freedom Suite

        Improve agility with collaboration applications, app customization, and enterprise-grade security.?

        Limitless Suite

        Equip organizations with additional security for file protection, Digital Rights Management (DRM) and the most features of any suite.