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        SecuSUITE Secure Messaging and Phone Calls

        High Security Voice and Messaging for iOS and Android

        SecuSUITE? mobilizes secure voice and messaging for enterprise and government.

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        What’s New in SecuSUITE

        SecuSUITE?awarded updated NIAP and CSfC security certifications

        SecuSUITE was recently awarded updated NIAP Certification and listed as a Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) compliant product to meet the highest security requirements. These certifications strengthen the BlackBerry secure communications offering for governments worldwide.

        Read the press release

        Group Messaging

        Chat securely with multiple participants in a group message.

        Hosted Offering

        SecuSUITE is now available as a cloud-based service for governments and enterprises. Quickly activate your staff with the world’s leading secure and voice texting solution and spend less time installing, hosting and managing your server infrastructure.


        SecuSUITE is now available in a FedRAMP Cloud for US Federal Agencies.

        This managed service eliminates life-cycle costs, reduces government acquisition requirements, and integrates seamlessly with existing government requirements.?

        Read the press release from CACI International

        Sovereign Instances

        SecuSUITE sovereign instances are now available to be hosted in Amazon AWS.

        Local and state agencies now have a secure communications network on standard iOS and Android devices. Being on AWS cloud provides for seamless interagency collaboration and full compliance with records acts.?

        Read the press release

        Encrypted Voice and Messaging that’s Intuitive and Efficient

        Certified to meet the highest security requirements, SecuSUITE??protects against threats to enterprise, and local and national security by enabling secure communications on conventional mobile devices.

        Whether operating locally or abroad, employees can make secure phone calls and exchange secure messages, including group chats, using the off-the-shelf iOS? and Android? devices they already carry—rather than bulky, inconvenient and complicated specialized communications systems.??

        If communication technology is hard to use or unpredictable, employees may make calls on unsecured lines, or give up the ability to make secure calls while mobile. With SecuSUITE making an encrypted mobile call is as painless as making a regular call.

        When critical issues are at stake, every second counts. SecuSUITE allows calls to connect as quickly as a standard GSM? call. And while some competitors’ solutions are known for poor audio, SecuSUITE provides excellent voice quality.

        Choose whether to integrate with MDM or deploy SecuSUITE in full ‘sovereign mode’. Unlike other solutions on the market, SecuSUITE can be deployed in environments that require a full ‘sovereign mode’, with absolutely no dependency on any vendor infrastructure.

        SecuSUITE will not run on rooted or jailbroken devices. On start-up, the app always performs an integrity check – if it has been modified in any way, it will not start. When the app is updated to a new version, it always performs an integrity signature validation before allowing the update to be installed.

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        In the News: NATO Selects BlackBerry's Encrypted Voice Technology to Secure its Calls

        The NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency has awarded a contract for BlackBerry’s SecuSUITE to encrypt the conversations of its technology and cyber leaders wherever they communicate – in the workplace, at home or travelling abroad.

        Read the Press Release

        Technology for Real World Use Cases

        Where there’s the greatest threat, you need the highest security. With SecuSUITE, calls are encrypted from the mobile device all the way back to the crypto gateway installed in your organization’s trusted network, so eavesdroppers can’t hear a thing.??

        Mobile-to Mobile Created with Sketch.
        Mobile-to Mobile

        From SecuSUITE -enabled mobile device to SecuSUITE -enabled mobile device.

        Secure Landing Created with Sketch.
        Secure Landing

        From a SecuSUITE -enabled mobile device to a landline within the network.

        Break-out Created with Sketch.

        From a SecuSUITE -enabled mobile device to the user’s home network and from there to external mobile or landlines via PSTN extension.

        Break-in Created with Sketch.

        From any mobile or landline on the user’s home network to a SecuSUITE -enabled mobile device.

        Break-in Created with Sketch.
        Secure Conferencing

        From a SecuSUITE -enabled mobile device to a secure conference bridge.

        Group Messaging

        For multiple participants on SecuSUITE-enabled devices.

        Built for National Security

        With a global track record for providing certified, true end-to-end encrypted solutions for Android? and iOS?, SecuSUITE for Government technology is protecting 20+ countries against electronic eavesdropping from unclassified through Top Secret.

        Defense & Military

        Protecting the men and women who protect us?

        SecuSUITE not only allows personnel to exchange fully secure voice and messaging with other mobile devices, it also supports fully encrypted voice calls out of any foreign network—which can be prone to man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks—back to the caller’s home network.? ?

        Foreign Affairs

        Protecting embassies and official international missions?

        Locally or abroad, diplomatic staff can use their smartphones, safe in the knowledge that their voice and messaging exchanges are protected with end-to-end encryption, whether they are calling another secure mobile phone or back to their home country network.??

        National Security/Federal Law Enforcement

        Protecting entire nations?

        In an era where the threat of terrorism is an everyday reality, the people protecting the security and critical business of the nation need the ability to communicate securely at a moment’s notice. SecuSUITE allows government personnel to protect all official voice and messaging exchanges from being hacked.

        Technology that’s Backed by Certifications

        • Common Criteria certified based on NIAP Protection Profiles for:
        • National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) Compliance
          • SecuSUITE Client Protection Profiles:
            1. Application Software - Protection Profile for Application Software
            2. VoIP: Extended Package for Voice and Video over IP (VVoIP)
            3. Functional Package for TLS
          • ?SecuGATE related Protection Profiles
            1. Network Device - Collaborative Protection Profile for Network Devices
            2. SIP Server - Enterprise Session Controller (ESC)?
        • Approved by CSfC program under NSA specifications
        • Complies with SNSA cryptography requirements
        • Supports FIPS 140-2 validated keystores



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