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        Secure Communications and Business Collaboration from BlackBerry

        Collaborate: Text, Voice, Video and Conferencing—on Any Device

        Mobile access to collaboration tools can boost productivity of a dispersed workforce. Managing usability, control and secure communications can best be done with a single solution for:

        • Voice
        • Video
        • Messaging
        • Multimedia Conferencing
        • Data and File Transfer
        • GPS Sharing
        Learn about BBM Enterprise

        Connect: Integrate Secure Communications Features Directly in Your Apps

        Custom enterprise apps offer opportunities for intuitive collaboration inside and outside your organization. Communication Platform as a Service (CPaaS) can allow you to embed secure communications in your apps and services:

        • Voice
        • Video
        • Messaging
        • Data Transfer
        Learn about BlackBerry Spark Communications Services

        Extend: Enterprise IM on All Devices

        By integrating with common EIM solutions, you can enable secure communication and collaboration capabilities across all devices.

        • Microsoft? Lync?
        • Cisco Jabber
        Learn about BlackBerry Connect

        Protect: Voice, Messaging and Data

        Communication on mobile devices can be vulnerable to hacking and eavesdropping. It’s essential for organizations?in high-security?environments to safeguard these sensitive communications with:

        • End-to-end encryption
        • Defense-grade security
        Learn about SecuSUITE

        Share: Secure Content Collaboration

        Employees need tools that allow them to collaborate with the confidence that sensitive information will be protected.

        • Protection inside and outside your firewall
        • File-level Digital Rights Management (DRM)
        • Unmatched cross-platform support
        Learn about BlackBerry Workspaces

        Alert: Keeping People and Operations Safe

        Can your organization safely continue with operations and account for all your people during an unexpected event? Emergency notification systems can allow you to:

        • Send mass emergency notifications
        • Make critical safety decisions
        • Collaborate with other organizations
        Learn about BlackBerry AtHoc

        Find a BlackBerry Solution that Meets Your Needs